Fraud and Cybercrime: Changing the Story

Welcome to Fraud and Cybercrime: Changing the Story

In a world where digital threats are constantly evolving, staying ahead of fraud and cybercrime is crucial. Fraud and Cybercrime: Changing the Story is an interactive game designed to raise awareness, teach mitigation strategies, and reduce the risk of falling victim to these threats in Northamptonshire. Join us on a journey around the county, helping people make better choices in both physical and cyber security.

Why Play Fraud and Cybercrime: Changing the Story?

Our goal is to empower the residents of Northamptonshire with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the digital age safely. Through engaging gameplay and real-life scenarios, this game offers a unique and educational experience that is both fun and informative.

Game Objectives

  • Awareness: Understand the various forms of fraud and cybercrime that can impact your life.
  • Mitigation: Learn practical steps to protect your personal information and secure your digital presence.
  • Prevention: Cultivate habits that minimize your risk of falling victim to fraud and cyber threats.

Key Features

  • Interactive Journey: Travel around Northamptonshire, encountering realistic scenarios where you help individuals and businesses make smarter security decisions
  • Scoring System: earn points for making the right choices and successfully mitigating threats. Track your progress and strive to improve your score
  • Replayable: replay scenarios to explore different outcomes and refine your decision making skills. Each choice you make can lead to a different path, offering a dynamic learning experience.

Your Mission

As you travel around Northamptonshire, you’ll encounter various challenges that simulate real-world fraud and cybercrime situations. Your mission is to assist characters in making informed choices to protect themselves and their assets. By completing tasks and overcoming obstacles, you’ll contribute to a safer, more secure Northamptonshire.

Join us in Changing the Story of fraud and cybercrime in our community. Play Fraud and Cybercrime: Changing the Story today and become a vital part of Northamptonshire’s defence against physical and digital threats. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone.

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