Making Northamptonshire Safer Fund

This fund, provided by the Northamptonshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner, provides grants of between £3,000 and £10,000 for initiatives that support the aims of the Police and Crime Plan.

Fund priorities

Theme: Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Stopping young people from becoming involved in crime
  • Making roads safer
  • More support for vulnerable people (for example abusive relationships, gangs)

Theme: Robust Enforcement

  • Increase police accessibility & visibility
  • Create a hostile environment for criminals (targeting and bringing perpetrators to justice)
  • Tackle slavery and human trafficking
  • Prepare for national and international threats e.g. counter terrorism
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour and hate crime
  • Reduce burglaries
  • Tackle Cyber enabled crime (online theft and fraud)

Theme: Victims at the Heart of Justice

  • Better support to victims and witnesses
  • Swift, sure and rehabilitative justice
  • Tackling drivers of crime such as substance misuse and supporting rehabilitation
  • Addressing mental health issues to reduce vulnerability and offending

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