Funding helps frontline officers put community projects in place

Press release published on 5 March 2019

A new fund set up by the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold has already supported 12 community safety initiatives in communities across the county. The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold set-up his Supporting Communities Fund to help frontline police officers and staff from throughout the organisation to carry out small projects that will help make the public and the wider county of Northamptonshire safer. PFCC Stephen Mold was inspired to make the fund available after a visit to St David’s in Northampton in the middle of last year, where PCSO Rachael Barber had set up a football team to give local young people something to do and wanted to provide them with a team strip and other equipment.

Since its launch in October, the fund has supported 12 schemes with small grants totalling more than £9,000. Schemes have received awards of between £250 and £1,000, on the basis that they must benefit the public and make Northamptonshire safer. The total available is £50,000 in the first 12 months and while this is small in comparison to the total Force budget of £130 million, the Commissioner’s fund is available directly to police officers and staff to carry out visible initiatives in communities. Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold said: “Frontline officers and staff are great problem solvers and full of good ideas about small schemes that can make a big difference to the safety of their communities they work with.   “This fund has enabled 12 small initiatives to get off the ground in just five months and there are many more good ideas of all kinds in the pipeline. I’m enjoying going out to see what is being achieved and feel very privileged to be able to support these creative schemes.” Chief Superintendent Mick Stamper, said: “The Supporting Communities Fund is a fantastic initiative which has already enabled some great projects to get off the ground. “When frontline police officers and staff are empowered to help their communities in a way they see fit, some brilliant schemes can happen – from a boxing programme to a programme which aims to raise self-esteem in young women.” The initiatives supported so far are:Kettering Neighbourhood Policing Team have run a programme engaging Year 10 pupils at schools in Kettering and Corby in thinking about the issue of gangs and drugs, including asking them to write stories which will then be published in a book Northampton Neighbourhood Teamare running a short-term project to provide indoor activities for local young people during the winter Wellingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team bought materials tosupport a day of action tackling anti-social behaviour and increasing accessibility and visibility Kettering Neighbourhood Policing Team are repurposing a gazebo to use at a programme of high-profile engagement eventsNorthampton Neighbourhood Policing Team are running a gardening project encouraging ownership and tackling isolation and fear at three residential blocks in Northampton town centre. Emergency Services Cadets arerunning workshops aimed at giving our 130 emergency services cadets emotional resilience and mental toughnessNorthampton Neighbourhood Teamare running a joint project with Briar Hill Youth Club, delivering education around knife crime, drug awareness, bullying and hate crime The Early Intervention Hubis running a boxing programme as a positive diversionary activity for young people Northampton Neighbourhood Police Team are providing vulnerable communities with simple crime prevention tools to increase their feelings of security Northampton Neighbourhood Team is running a youth event to show young people the variety of agencies there to support and help them The Early Intervention Hubis running a programme to raise self-esteem in young women aged 11-18Northampton Neighbourhood Team is organising a summer safety campaign, to help children aged 10 and above to stay safe in the summer months – Ends –