During lockdown a 11 year old Wellingborough resident turned his garden into a naturalists dream with ponds and plants that encouraged wildlife. His endeavours resulted in a family of hedgehogs, now a vulnerable species in the UK, taking residence in his back garden.

Harrison Hart sitting in a wooded area

Harrison Hart


Harrison Hart was worried that these hedgehogs would not be able to use the alleyways near his home to gather food and water when he heard about the plan to install alley gates as part of the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Safer Streets project. His enthusiasm to help the prickly creatures led to Harrison writing to the Commissioner’s Office asking that hedgehog-friendly gates be installed and the undergrowth checked before works started.

Thanks to Harrison’s passion for nature and actions, a family of hedgehogs were carefully rehomed to a safe location before the work started. The alley gates also provide sufficient space for hedgehogs to roam freely.


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