Ministry of Justice funding – sexual violence and domestic abuse services

In 2021/22 a total of total of £540,328 was awarded by the Ministry of Justice to the Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner to sexual violence and domestic abuse services in Northamptonshire.

Organisations working with victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Northamptonshire were able to apply for extra Government funding in May 2021, to support them through the challenges of the covid 19 pandemic.

Organisations funded for Domestic Abuse services:

– Voice for Victims and Witnesses/Sunflower Centre were awarded £107,956.00 to appoint 3.5 additional specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) posts. This is additional to the £212,000.00 awarded to continue to provide existing IDVA services.

– RISE CIC was awarded £60,00.00 – for activities that focuses on working with victims of domestic abuse where children are violent in the family home. This will involve working with both parents and children and young people through a programme and 1:1 work.

– Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Alliance was awarded £56,971.00 – to go towards increasing capacity to provide outreach support for children who have experienced domestic abuse and a specialist worker to work with black and minority ethnic victims of domestic abuse.

Organisations funded for Sexual Violence services:

– Northamptonshire Rape Crisis was awarded £54,901.00 – to increase Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) capacity so that more victims can receive support.

– Voice for Victims were awarded £48,500.00 to continue providing existing ISVA services