Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold, holding a microphone, speaks at the launch of the Serious Violence Duty

Northamptonshire Serious Violence Prevention Partnership (NSVPP) has launched a strategy to tackle crime and serious violence in Northamptonshire, with a specific focus on violence among under 25s.

On March 6, partners – including Stephen Mold, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner – gathered alongside community organisations to hear about the NSVPP’s plans and the work already being delivered by partners across the county.

Partners set out how they will work together, with children and, young people, and wider communities to prevent and reduce serious violence. They aim to:

  • Stabilise and reduce violence in the short-term
  • Understand the underlying causes of violence in the county
  • Co-ordinate Northamptonshire’s communities and public organisations to address those causes in the longer-term

In addition to outlining their commitments and aims, the NSVPP emphasised the importance of building upon the fantastic work already being delivered across the county.

Projects such as the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) have been instrumental in addressing violent behaviour among suspected or known gang members and individuals at risk of gang involvement or criminal exploitation. The work of CIRV is now incorporated into the Youth Violence Intervention Unit which provides support and interventions to participants which aim to reduce violent incidents and enhance community safety.

Over 30 OPFCC funded Bleed Kits have been installed across the county in partnership with Off the Streets NN. These kits play a crucial role in providing immediate medical assistance in the event of a violent incident, potentially saving lives.

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold said: “Everyone at the launch today must now challenge themselves to make this strategy a living plan and turn it into action so that we will intervene early to put young people on the right path, prevent crime and have a lasting impact on communities across the county.”

Violence Prevention Detective Superintendent Andy Glenn said: “Tackling serious violence is a Matter of Priority for Northamptonshire Police and we’re pleased to be working closely with partners to help reduce offences and the impact these crimes can have on victims and our communities.

“During the last 18 months we’ve delivered a number of weeks of action taking robust action against those involved in serious violence offences, while also taking part in national initiatives aimed at engaging and educating people about the dangers of knife crime and county lines.

“This is an exciting new approach for Northamptonshire as we know no single organisation can deal with this issue on their own. We are more likely to have a long term, significant and positive impact if we work together, along with other partners including schools and community groups.”

The full press release can be viewed here, as well as a powerful video with Cheri Curran – who shares her personal experiences of knife crime, following the loss of her son Louis-Ryan Menezes.