NFRS Decision Record 47 – NFRS Insurance Variation

Decision taken
The PFCC has agreed a contract variation as the increase of contract value for the final year of NFRS
insurance is above 5% at just over a 10% increase and will see the premium move from £287,320.99
in 2019, £284,915.40 in 2020, to £314,671.34.

In addition, the original contract was let by LGSS through the brokers Gallagher. They utilized a
framework that had 11 lots. 1-10 being separate lots that could be allocated for 3 years. Lot 11 was a
combined lot and if used could only run for one year (and excluded Lot 2 – Terrorism). Gallaghers/LGSS
used Lot 11 but put the contract in place for 3 years. So this decision will to approve/ratify Yrs 2 & 3
of the contract as the framework did not allow for a 3 yr contract on lot 11.

Details of advice taken
Professional financial and legal advice has been sought to ensure the decision best supports
business need and represents value for money.

Stephen Mold
Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
29th March 2021

NFRS Decision Record 47 – NFRS Insurance Variation