Scrutiny of Decisions Protocol

The Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 requires local authorities in a police area to establish and maintain a Police, Fire & Crime Panel to carry out functions specified in the Act.

The Panel has a number of important powers and responsibilities, including:

  • Scrutinising the Commissioner’s draft Police, Fire and Crime Plan and making a recommendations on it
  • Publicly scrutinising the Commissioner’s Annual Report and making recommendations on it
  • Scrutinising the Commissioner’s proposed policing precept and making recommendations on it, or potentially vetoing the proposed precept

Holding public confirmation hearings for the proposed appointment of a Chief Constable (with the power to veto an appointment) and for other senior appointments proposed by the Commissioner.

In addition to these responsibilities the Panel is also expected to review and scrutinise the decisions and actions of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in carrying out their responsibilities.

It is important that all Panel members are fully aware of the work of the Commission; therefore the Police, Fire and Crime Commission will establish a protocol with the Host Authority to publish information and assist Panel members with any enquiries or questions they may have.

The Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commission will inform the Host Authority of each Decision Record once it is agreed and published. Upon receiving this, the Host Authority will disseminate the Decision Records to all members of the Police, Fire and Crime Panel.

Should the Host Authority receive any questions or requests for further information from members of the Panel, they will liaise with the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commission to ensure such enquiries are responded to.

In addition, the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commission will provide each meeting of the Police and Crime panel with a summary of the Decision Records that have been agreed and published in the period since the previous meeting.