Chief Finance Officer – Helen King

Job Description

Job title

Chief Finance Officer



Supervision and control

Chief Executive

Place of work

Commission office, Northampton

Hours of work


Purpose of the job

To work with the Chief Executive in leading the successful delivery of the Police and Crime Plan.

To lead strategically for the PCC on the financial development, management and execution of
transformational change programmes.

To act as the statutory Chief Finance Officer for the Office of the Northamptonshire Police and Crime
Commissioner (OPCC) in accordance with Section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972 the Local
Government Finance Act 1988, the Local Government Act 2003 and other relevant legislation, exercising
responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place for proper financial administration and good

To cultivate a highly innovative and effective organisation, through positive and dynamic personal leadership
and through the Senior Leadership Team.

Main responsibilities
  1. As a member of the OPCC’s Senior Management Team contribute fully to the formulation and delivery of
    the strategic and operational objectives and the development of the overall capability of the OPCC.
  2. Develop the Medium Term Financial Plan and associated Treasury Management, Capital Programme
    Management documents in conjunction with the Force Finance Team to enable operational delivery of a
    Policing Service and by extension the Police and Crime Plan.
  3. Prepare justification and recommendations for annual precept decisions along with the preparation of
    reports and presentation to the Police and Crime Panel.
  4. Ensure proposed plans to improve VFM are credible and financial risks of the Commission’s plans and
    budgets are understood and effective arrangements are in place to manage those risks
  5. Ensure an effective overall financial governance framework is in place within the OPCC and between the
    OPCC and force, which is understood by all stakeholders and staff. Ensure staff are properly supported and
    enabled to comply with the requirements of the framework through training and day to day support. Ensure
    the effectiveness of the framework is formally reviewed.
  6. Ensure all the OPCC’s resources, assets, liabilities and interests are understood, opportunities and risks
    systematically explored and modelled, the use of those resources is effectively planned and controlled, and
    properly accounted for and reported.
  7. Ensure that the Commissioner, Chief Executive and all Commission staff are properly advised of
    opportunities, risks and consequences of their prospective short, medium and long term operational and
    strategic decisions, and that such decisions are properly made and comply with the OPCC’s governance
    arrangements, thus ensuring the best interests of the Commission are protected.
  8. Lead as Senior Responsible Owner for specific Transformation programmes as agreed.
  9. Act as the OPCC lead for the Joint Independent Audit Committee (JIAC), ensuring all actions and
    requirements are received, understood and with the Chief Executive tasked appropriately.
  10. To deputise for the Chief Executive and to formally represent the Police and Crime Commissioner, as


The job description reflects the major tasks to be carried out by the post holder and identifies a level of
responsibility at which the post holder will be required to work. In the interests of effective working it may
be reviewed from time to time to reflect changing needs and circumstances. Such reviews and other
consequential changes will be carried out in consultation with the post holder. The post holder will be also
required to carry out such other duties as may be determined from time to time to be within the general
scope of the post and in response to the operational needs of the OPCC. (This role will be reviewed 6 months
after implementation, in line with performance management and operational requirements).

Conditions of service

The appointment will be subject to the conditions of service of the Police Support Staff Council. Requests for
flexibility of working will be considered.

The annual leave entitlement is 30 working days with an additional two days after five years continuous

Person Specification

Role Specific Essential Criteria
  1. Substantial strategic experience of leading the finance function of a large and complex organisation,
    including a breadth of experience gained at director level for police forces or other large public sector
  2. Qualified CCAB (Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies) member with the seniority of
    accountancy experience to discharge the statutory role of a Section 151 officer, including experience of
    having been the section 151 officer of a large public sector organisation;
  3. Experience of estates and asset management, procurement and commissioning;
  4. Applied knowledge of developing and managing procurement and commissioning arrangements at a
    senior level;
  5. Experience of developing and managing resourcing and financial reporting and metrics in a large and
    complex organisation, and in a political environment;
  6. Experience of managing financial modelling and analysis functions;
  7. A successful track record of giving strategic and policy advice at a senior level, including in a political
Generic essential criteria for senior managers

Serving the Public

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the political and strategic context of policing, and how this fits within strategic partnerships and the wider agenda of public sector development and reform.
  • Demonstrate high level of communication and influencing skills with a proven ability to build relationships across the organisation and beyond.

Leading Change

  • Ability to articulate a clear vision, set strategic direction with strong networking and a high level of interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to be innovative and inspirational in generating and developing new ideas.
  • Significant experience of facilitating and delivering successful organisational change programmes.

Leading People

  • Experience of strategic leadership and driving culture change.
  • A strong leader with experience of building, motivating and leading a highly effective multidisciplinary team.

Managing Performance

  • Experience of managing a range of services at a senior level.
  • Analytical skills to convert strategic management issues into practical implementation.
  • Experience of managing and setting budgets effectively to deliver a service within available resources.

Decision Making

  • Ability to produce practical and creative solutions to meet business objectives.
  • Demonstrates a responsible approach to decision making, assessment and management of risk for the overall benefit of Northamptonshire Police.


  • Demonstrates personal commitment, energy and drive to get things done.
  • Ability to be flexible, respond positively to change and work effectively under pressure.

Working with others

  • Experience of successful partnership working, representing the organisation at a senior level on external bodies.
  • Ability to delegate effectively and work through others to deliver organisational objectives.
  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate a level of awareness of diversity issues appropriate to this role