Legally Qualified Chairs (LQCs)

Legally Qualified Chairs (LQCs)

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has a statutory duty under the police complaints system to maintain a list of LQCs who are available to chair police misconduct hearings.

LQCs chair police misconduct hearings and are independent individuals who meet the judicial appointment eligibility conditions. They were introduced under changes to the Police (Conduct) Regulations made in 2015, to replace senior police officers as the chairs of misconduct panels to make the process more transparent and independent.

In Northamptonshire the Commissioner works collaboratively with fellow Commissioners across the East Midlands Region to hold a list of LQCs. This means that a list is appointed and used by all the Commissioners across the Region. The list is currently held by Lincolnshire OPCC on behalf of the region.

LQCs are appointed to hearings using a ‘cab rank’ system, whereby LQCs are offered hearings from across the region in turn. They are also appointed in line with the LQC Handbook.