Police Super-Complaints

The police super-complaints system allows designated organisations to raise issues on behalf of the public about harmful patterns or trends in policing. The police super-complaints system became operational on 1 November 2018. Please note individuals cannot make super-complaints. Super-complaints can only be submitted by organisations designated by the Home Office. If you have a complaint against the police, please contact the police force in question, or the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Designated bodies may submit super-complaints for consideration by HMICFRS, the College of Policing and the IOPC, and detailed guidance for doing so can be found here.

Police Data Sharing for Immigration Purposes

Super-complaint made by Liberty and Southall Black Sisters about the police sharing immigration data. For more details, Click Here

Failure to Address Police Perpetrated Domestic Abuse

Super-complaint by Centre for Women’s Justice – Failure to address police perpetrated domestic abuse. For more details, click here

Police Response to BAME Victims of Sexual Abuse

Super-complaint from the Tees Valley Inclusion Project about the police’s treatment of BAME victims of sexual abuse where the perpetrator is also from the BAME community. For more details, click here

Police use of Stop and Search Powers

Super-complaint from the Criminal Justice Alliance about the police’s use of ‘suspicion-less’ stop and searches and the scrutiny of all stop and search powers. For more details, click here