FOI 27072021-1 Information about E-Scooters


I wish to raise my concerns regarding the use of e scooters in Northampton. I know there is currently a trial of these scooters in Northampton by those provide by Voi Scooters. My concern is how they are being used and what action if any is being taken by the police to enforce the law concerning their use. I have seen so many being used on the pavements and driven by what seems to be very young people in a very hazardous manner. It is very common to see up to two riders and sometimes three on scooter.

The use of private scooters on roads on pavements is also a concern as these are not covered by the trial and are totally illegal. I have not seen any enforcement by the police regading these scooters.

Can you tell me how many scooters have been confiscated and how many fines have been issued regarding e scooters in the county.



I have spoken to my colleagues in Northamptonshire Police in relation to your enquiry about me how many scooters have been confiscated and how many fines have been issued regarding e scooters in the county as this is not information the Office of the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner holds.


Over the past four years, the number of Fixed Penalty Notice fines given to e-scooter users were as follows:

2017 – 0

2018 – 0

2019 – 0

2020 – 0

2021 – 0


Northamptonshire Police does not hold any information in relation to fines issued at court. That is because information on fines and convictions i.e. Results at Court, are held by Her Majesty’s Court Service. For details on how to make a Freedom of Information request to Her Majesty’s Court Service please use the following link:

The total number of e-scooters seized by Northamptonshire Police for either No Insurance, under the Police Reform Act or due to being used in crime were as follows:


2019 – 0

2020 – 10

1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021 – 9

Northamptonshire Police have produced some proactive advice for E-Scooter users which can viewed on their website at:

Advice on e-scooter usage | Northamptonshire Police (

Do you know the rules about riding an electric scooter? | Northamptonshire Police (

Safety reminder for summer scooter riding | Northamptonshire Police (


There has also been some media coverage of where Northamptonshire Police have been involved in incidents which involved e-scooters which you may find interesting:

Police make e-scooter laws clear in Northampton after first prosecution | Northampton Chronicle and Echo

E-scooter crashes into Vauxhall Corsa after being ridden on wrong side of busy Northampton road | Northamptonshire Telegraph (


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